Colour Catalogue N° 5


Colour Catalogue N° 5

1. “Shindig” Ice Bucket; Crate & Barrel.
2. “Nina” Long Pillow; Zinc Door.
3. “Crest” Bentwood Chair; West Elm.
4. “Cradlock” Bottle Opener; Anthropologie.
5. Smoke Rings Dinnerware; Anthropologie.
6. Threshold™ Carved Hurricane Vases; Target.
7. “Ponce” Bar Cart; Masins Furniture.
8. Antler Hook; Urban Outfitters.
9. “Charm” Wallpaper by Graham & Brown; 2Modern. colour: Purple
10. Two-Tone Striped Curtains; Zara Home.


Natural Palette N° 3


Natural Palette N° 3

Colour Catalogue N° 4


Colour Catalogue N° 4

1. “Bryce” Accent Chair; Crate & Barrel. fabric: Leather
2. Tropical Fish Wall Art; C Wonder.
3. Gold Trim Agate Coasters; Calypso St. Barth.
4. Monogrammed Gold Flecked Cork Jewelry Box; C Wonder.
5. “Pyramid” Throw; Houzz.
6. Campione Floral Curtains; World Market.
7. Cobble Hill Urban Trestle Desk; ABC Carpet & Home.
8. Drop Caps Book Series; Penguin Books Publishing.
9. Audrey Table Lamp; Houzz. colour: Apple


Have you ever noticed what a complete waste of time and energy being nervous/anxious is? I would probably have 40% (perhaps 90%) more free time if I stopped worrying about every little thing in my life, and I would have at least 10 years+ added onto my overall life span. Sometimes I swear I can feel my hair falling out of my head.
I had an interview today for a high-end furniture store that went really well, but the build-up to it almost made me want to not go at all and/or die on the spot into a puddle of misery. I thought of a million excuses not to go because my infamous self-sabatoge streak is alive and real (and I almost threw up on the way there). But, of course, as soon as I arrived and met the woman interviewing me I felt perfectly at ease.
What kind of all-encompassing evil is the entire application process? Who gave their approval on this? There are so many things wrong and I have so many questions.


Colour Catalogue N° 3


Colour Catalogue N° 3

1. Metal-Wrapped Wood Tray; West Elm.
2. “Paramount” Pendant Light; Z Gallerie.
3. Threshold Sweater Knit Blanket; Target. colour: Brown
4. Sheep Skin Rug; Calypso St. Barth. colour: Paco
5. Tea Light Holder; Calypso St. Barth. colour: Silver
6. Dip-Dyed Side Tables; Anthropologie.
7. Morten Table Lamp; West Elm. colour: Black
8. Iron Utility Scissors; Anthropologie.
9. “Conway” Trunk; Pottery Barn.
10. 4040 Locust Locker Cabinet; Urban Outfitters.